Skating Coaching

Roller skating is a popular sport to get  fitness levels up. RSA’s expert roller skating mentors have designed the training Program inclusive of the demand of this modern day sport. Our Skating Training Program focuses on the following tricks and agility of the sport:

  • Starting and maintaining Balance
  • Slow rolling and stopping
  • Fast rolling and balancing
  • Turns and cross overs
  • Leaps and jumps


  • Introduction on How to wear Skates & Gear, Park Safety, balancing to avoid falls.
  • Fundamental Principles of Inline Skating
  • Walking, stopping and rolling on skates


  • At this stage, the player is trained to Control Speed and Skate a Longer Distance
  • Able to Confidently Skate, Stop & Turn Swiftly.


  • At the advance level the player is made able to Skate on All Terrain
  • Can execute Spins & Crossovers
  • Comfortable Skating Backwards
  • Begin to Specialize (fitness, speed, freestyle)