Carrom Coaching

 Originating from India, carrom is now one of the best tabletop games of the world. Carrom Coaching at RSA includes learning the strike gesture and movements, necessary arrangements, attentiveness, Carrom Board Design, terminology, required theoretical as well as practical guidance to learn the best carrom techniques.


  • Starting from the basics learning how to hold the striker with ease and release with ease.
  • Practice hitting the coins straightly.


  • Able to Propel the striker in the right direction at the right speed.
  • Ability to judge if you are flicking the striker with the right force try this exercise


  • The player starts determining and can make the striker travel in the direction they want it to go,
  • Starts carrying out an exercise with as little variables as possible.
  • Able to sync with the angle and the additional force of the flick.