Kidealth Program is a first of kind, unique approach to ensure the fitness of the child at the earliest. Designed by the experts, Kidealth Program is for juniors between age 3 to 6 to fulfill the demand to nourish, nurture and provide healthy and disciplined lifestyle to the kids from early on.


We live in a century which is thriving with technology. While the technology has made our lives easier and quicker, it has deteriorated the fitness level by and large. The new generation thrives in the middle of the new age lifestyle which is devoid or ignorant of physical fitness.

Hence it becomes of utmost importance to sow the seeds of heathy lifestyle at a very tender age. Health is not something which ensures looking healthy but it also includes feeling healthy and living healthy every day.  The Kidealth Program is important it aims to develop a child’s brain and muscles and to make them physically fit as well intellectually sharp.

Activities under Kidealth PROGRAM:

  • Running/Jumping
  • Balance/Agility
  • Obstacles Games
  • Stretching/Flexibility/Mobility
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Various sports.

Skills under Kidealth PROGRAM :

It is said that the world’s best athletes are always in control. RSA understands this demand of an aspiring athlete and a fit child and thus has come up with various skill training Program as followed:

Locomotor skills:

  • At the age of six or seven the kids execute the fundamentals of the locomotor skills.
  • In order to help them reach the highest potential, RSA pays a special attention on this aspect by planning, assessing, implementing, observing performance of each child and revising.
  • RSA’s locomotor skills training includes various activities.
  • RSA is well equipped with infrastructure and outdoor as well as indoor facilities where children get the opportunity to practice these skills.

Manipulative Skills:

  • Manipulative skills enable children to give or receive force to and from objects to achieve an outcome.
  • Children use these skills to play by themselves and with others.
  • RSA provides adequate space needs, both inside and outside so that children can play with objects safely and develop and refine their skills.
  • Playing equipment including balls of different sizes and textures and objects used in daily life are also used.

Stability Skills:

  • RSA believes that stability leads to strength and strength leads to power.
  • Our stability skill training Program includes various stability skills.
  • RSA focuses on different types of balance & stability practices such as Static Balance, Dynamic Balance, Axial Stability.
  • The training enables kids to balance while turning the body at the same time.


With Kidealth/Without Kidealth

With Kidealth Without Kidealth
Those kids who opt for Kidealth Programme reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese. When children do not exercise, unused calories are stored as fat.
Kids who are physically active have reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes. Those who are not physically active during childhood often develop glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, eventually leading to Type 2 diabetes.
The Kidealth Programme comes with combine aerobic exercise with activity to increase strength and flexibility which reduces blood pressure. Without exercise the kids are prone to developing high blood pressure.
Activities which require jumping, climbing, crawling, crossing, playing tag, or even dancing involves using muscles, which means kids are making them stronger. Kids who do not engage much in these activities tend to have weaker muscles.
Exercise requires taking in more oxygen and expelling more carbon dioxide, increasing lung capacity and hence makes their lungs stronger. Increased oxygen also makes heart and brain healthier. Without exercise the lung capacity becomes limited and thus kids become comparatively less energetic.