Chess Coaching

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world dating back over 1500 years. Chess is a great sport which teaches you to win and to lose, to focus and to maintain patience under highly pressurized situations. RSA has highly specialized Chess coaches having years and years of experience at various national/international level games and best mind techniques to give a chess enthusiast expert guidance and help analyzing the moves.


  • Usually a player having 0-3 months of experience) in chess.
  • Just learned the game, takes more than usual time in simple moves also.


  • Have learned basic tactics. Occasionally leaves pieces enprise, but this is not a common occurrence.
  • Learns offensive tactics.
  • Learns to make a planned move.


  • Very strong endgame and positional skills. Intermediate evaluation skills.
  • Very good analyst.
  • Focuses on evaluation and analysis skills.
  • Learns strong Defensive as well as offensive skills.

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