Rohan Mutha

With an aim of training kids to achieve their aspirations Rohan Mutha started with a Small Cricket Academy in the year 2015. He holds a dream to train Kids who aspires to represent their country at different level with his experience and other Programs and thus has been involved in the coaching ever since.

Mr. Mutha, an ICC Level 1 Accredited Cricket Coach,  being a pro athlete aims to reach to the talented Kids who are motivated and possess extra ordinary skills to play at higher levels and have an outstanding potential to rise and shine. He entrusts that a coach’s influence can have a profound impact on the professional development of the entire team as well as the individuals within it. The best way to execute coaching, Coach Rohan Mutha says, is to prepare for each session with information, examples, ideas and to be ready for discussion. His pursuit is constantly towards knowing how to tap into the individual strengths of employees to get the m­­ost out of them and to get the greatest amount of productivity from the team, collectively and individually.

Emphasizing on importance of a coach in the life of an aspiring young athlete, he quotes “I think that as a coach, I have to lead by example. I ask my players to be prepared mentally and physically. Beyond that, I adapt to the type of players I have, I train them accordingly to ensure they reach to their fullest potential”.

Rohan Mutha believes that sports develop an individual to be self-dependent, teach leadership qualities, managerial Skills, Team Work and Discipline. Sports is the thing which proves "Unity in Diversity". It develops an individual holistically. He emphasizes on the importance of team work as he firmly believes that Team Work is the thing which drives him to achieve the best. Rather than working alone working together gives him strength and happiness.