Rifle Shooting Coaching

 To hit the bullseye, a considerable amount of training is needed which requires dedication and involvement of the highest level. RSA prepares the Rifle shooter to fulfill the demand of the game by focusing on:

  • Arm & foot Positioning
  • Body positioning and Balance
  • Firm hold with Strong Grip
  • Alignment of Sight to aim properly
  • Techniques to aim and centering the target


  • Learning how the firearm operates, to safely hold and use the firearm (in an UNLOADED state).
  • Accompanied by the Trainers.


  • Occasionally missing the bullseye.
  • Perfect body positions and arm stretch.
  • Ability to concentrate and fire quickly.


  • The athlete starts to participate and deliver outstanding performance in the matches.
  • Displays strength, speed and agility required for shooting.
  • Develops psychophysical abilities to hit the bullseye.