Professional Sports Coaching

Professional Sports Coaching

RSA provides professional coaching in schools at Pre-Primary, Primary and High School levels, in Ahmedabad as well as surrounding areas.Under Professional Sports Coaching Program, the two major aspects covered are theoretical as well as practical/on-field learnings as followed:

Theoretical Program:

  • Learning about theories, philosophies and safety practices of team sports.
  • Getting familiar with coaching strategies.
  • Acquiring knowledge of best eating/sleeping practices suitable to respective sports.
  • Mastering health sciences related to team sports.
  • Learning about basics of sports medicine and handling injuries.
  • Learning technicalities of a sport, field and equipment.
  • Perseverance and patience.
  • Learning good organizational skills.

Practical/On- field Program :

  • Stretching and drilling sessions for athletes.
  • Sessions on respective sports starting from basics.
  • Proper attention to weaknesses and strengths of the athlete.
  • Availability of latest sports equipment.
  • Confidence and stamina boosting exercises.
  • Instruction and motivation sessions.
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques.